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Corporate finance

Forecasts and Assessing Future Performance


Whilst we do look historically at the past performance of a business to help prepare accounts and tax returns, we also spend as much time and emphasis on the future for our clients.

If it is for your own internal purposes, or to assist in raising finance or investment, we can help prepare detailed financial forecasts, including profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow, and if required by business segment, with emphasis on working capital.

Business valuations

Our team are able to provide assistance with business valuations to support:

  • Valuations for tax purposes or insurance claims
  • Matrimonial disputes and financial settlements
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Business reorganisations
  • Shareholder/partner/member investment or exit 
  • Tax valuations for Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax

Acquisition and Sale of Business

Our team can assist you with the negotiation of both the purchase and sale of a business.

We can consider the operational, financial and tax implications on your behalf.

Time and effective management of these processes is essential and as part of your team we can ensure that your interests are considered and looked after.

If acquiring a business, we can help consider any finance required and the terms of the consideration.

If selling a business, we can assist you with initial valuations based on past and future performance.

Once any deal is done, a role does not stop there.

We can provide the resources to help integrate existing systems on acquisition whilst upon a sale consider the next steps in your personal and business journey.

Due diligence

In any business sale transaction, we can operate and provide advice and the expertise to carry out or assist in any due diligence with you and any other advisors.

Upon any potential acquisition, we can carry out reviews on the target company’s finances and operations to assist in any negotiation.

In a sale transaction, we will provide the support to provide feedback to any potential buyer and their own advisors due diligence process.

Our team, will, using partners and senior staff, also consider and review the taxation and any strategic matters that will benefit you.

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