Creating growth opportunities

If you work in manufacturing and design, a lot of your work will be very project-led. This means working to tight briefs and deadlines, with teams of people who may not be the same from job to job. Because of this, you’ll find that the stresses on your time are large. One minute you’re working flat out, and the next you’re searching for your next piece of work with no real idea of where it’s going to come from.

That’s where you need an accountancy firm who can understand your finances that little bit better. We’ll assess your workload, find opportunities for growth, and give you back your time to search for your next project.

If you run your own firm, you may be eligible for R&D tax credits – these are a great way of turning your innovative thinking into tangible savings for your company. We’ll assess this with you, and find the results that you crave.

We’ll make sure your books and accounts are kept up to date and online, of course. Cloud accounting is vital to any project-led professional, so we can guarantee you that we’ll get everything done ahead of time and without stress.

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