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Looking after your family is a difficult task. Making sure you earn enough money to support them can mean long hours at the office, when you’d rather be at home. Add to this the constant obligation of tax, and you’ll find that it’s a really draining situation to be in.

But with our support, your tax bill can be reduced.

As specialist personal tax accountants, we’ll support you where you need us most, getting the most from your tax situation and reducing your bill. We’ll keep on top of areas such as capital gains tax (CGT) helping you use your allowances on the sale of assets such as residential properties.

In many cases, the Government uses tax to effectively reward and punish certain behaviours. Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed for example, but should you contribute to a pension regularly you’ll benefit from tax relief that can save you money over time. If this sounds confusing already, don’t worry. We’ll sort out the details, and help you understand what we’re doing along the way.

If you’re self-employed, you’re perfectly placed to benefit from tax planning. Company directors, for example, can pay less tax by staying below the personal allowance for income tax, then topping up their wages via dividend payments which are taxed at a much lower rate. This is one of the tactics we might use to get you a better deal.

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