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When you die, your estate can go through various processes to split up your wealth. From managing who your beneficiaries are to understanding how much inheritance tax your estate might face, there are many things to think about, which ultimately can leave you feeling much more stressed than you need to be.

With careful planning, you’ll be able to minimise any inheritance tax and streamline the process of distributing your estate. We’ll understand your situation better, find where there are opportunities to save you money, and importantly, give you the confidence that your future is taken care of.

There are specific ways of reducing inheritance tax – for example, making use of options to distribute wealth across the family either via gifts or using a trust. Making donations to charity or using nil-rate band transfers can also reduce your inheritance tax. We’ll assess all your options so they are best suited for you.

If probate is needed, then we can help make sure this process runs smoothly too. Probate is the process of applying for the legal right to deal with the recently deceased’s estate. Normally, you’d appoint someone as an executor of your will – they’re in charge of administering the estate on your behalf according to your wishes.

To act as executor, you need to get a grant of probate. This can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, so it really does require an expert to make it work properly for you. We’ll take care of the probate process, alongside you and your beneficiaries, to create a plan that is best suited for you. We’ll be there with advice or support you need along the way.

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