Getting your staff paid on time

Your employees are the people who make your business thrive, so the least you can do is to make sure they’re paid properly and on time each month. However, like any business owner, there are significant drains on your time, which will drain your resources and can leave you with little left to focus on getting your payroll complete and filing returns with HMRC.

That’s where we come in. We’ll manage your payroll from start to finish, giving you the time, support, and care you need to make sure your team is paid. We’ll assess and understand your PAYE scheme, run pay calculations, deductions, and pension contributions with rigorous checks, and make sure that your staff and HMRC are happy.

Obviously, some payments are different from each other. Different members of staff require different salaries, terms, and conditions and will need to be assessed independently for benefits and deductions accordingly. We’ll make sure that this is done to the highest standard, as well as giving things like child maintenance and maternity pay the diligence they need to be calculated properly.

If you have anyone working as an apprentice, on a minimum wage, or via a zero-hours contract, we’ll manage that too. And if you’ve got anyone working for you as a freelancer or contractor, don’t worry – we understand what is needed to get them paid properly as well.


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